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No shaming my game

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The sentiment in this week's post comes from a story from a friend. A couple friend of ours were out at a local brewery with another couple. Both couples had their children with. That maybe sounds weird, but most breweries around here are super family-friendly and have plenty of space and games to keep kids occupied.

Nonetheless, our friend's three year old was getting squirrely and so my friend gave him a granola bar to eat.

The girl they were with, mind you also a mother, said:

"I can't believe you're letting him eat that."


I don't know what my friend's response was, but I can tell you I would be shocked to be so openly mom-shamed. Not only is that a major mode of mom-shaming, but can we ALL AGREE THAT IT WAS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY?

Like allllll things in life, we are entitled to our own beliefs and values, even with nutrition. You can give your kid granola bars. You can view them as sugar-sticks-of-Satan. But you cannot judge another mom's choices out loud.

I hope that anyone who follows me understands that my platform is not perfect organic zero sugar zero grain zero dairy we are so much better than you all.


If anything I want my platform to be:









And we need to support each other's choice, not criticize. Like Becky aren't you on a diet/Shut up I'm starving.

As proof of that I'd like to offer this up. We are on day three of school cancellations (and I just got a text that tomorrow's off as well. Oof). The boys and I thought it'd be fun and appropriately time-consuming to make homemade cinnamon rolls.

Are they nutrient packed?

Goodness no. No pureed beans in sight here.

Did the boys have fun helping me knead the dough, seeing it rise, and rolling it out?

Of course.

Is it okay to expose your children to a variety of foods?


After all, we are all doing the best we can.

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