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About Lindsey

Hello! Welcome to The Everyday Dietitian. I’ve been a registered dietitian for over ten years. I’ve spent most of my dietitian career specializing in weight loss and weight management. In today’s world it can be so challenging to figure out the “right” things to eat- not only for yourself, but for your whole family. That’s where I come in. When it comes to nutrition, I promise I will never endorse silly fads or unproven diets. Tried and true and easy to do is what I believe in.


Aside from being a dietitian, I am a wife to my husband Marcus and a lucky mama to my four kids- Mac, Fred, Annika, and Sabrina. Our house might be chaos most days, but that’s why I can vouch for the recipes I put together- they need to be simple, nutrient-packed, and husband and kid approved!


Eating well and pursuing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a part time thing- it should be an everyday thing. That’s why I am The Everyday Dietitian!

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