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Friday Fitness

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I feel so off today. Like I know it's Friday, but it feels like...Saturday? Sunday? Vacation??

Last night my parents treated me, my husband, and two boys to a night at a local waterpark hotel while they took on the twin challenge.

We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and had a great experience overall.

The boys were totally baffled at why there was a fridge, but no food in it.

Ahh, digging for gold. It's like he's made himself at home already.

After an afternoon and evening of wave pool-ing and lazy river-ing, we were ready for some bedtime cartoons.

PS It's all I can do to *not* reach for my phone and putz while the boys are watching their TV shows. Uggh so addicted to the screen!

It's all fun and games at Great Wolf until you go to your van the next morning and realize it's been broken into. WHAT. You know what was stolen? My $12 sunglasses and Mac's lunchbox. How messed up on meth do you need to be to STEAL A KID'S LUNCHBOX?!

What also hurts is that it was an expensive Pottery Barn Kids one, complete with insulated Thermos and water bottle. Boo hoo hoo. Guess now they can keep their meth nice Cold? UGH.

After last night's poolside meal of burgers and fries, plus feeling lingering rage from the stealing of the lunchbox, I hopped on the treadmill for a quick workout as soon as the babies were down for afternoon nap.

A glamorous set up going on in my basement? Faaaaar from it, but, it gets the job done.

Weirdly enough my fave thing to workout to is the 90's Country Channel.

I've scrubbed the 8-pounders many times but they look chronically dusty *but* they get the job done.

Two of my favorite DVDs- love an intense 20 minute workout.

I loathe running on the treadmill. Instead I crank up the incline and walk at a fast pace. You guessed it- IT GETS THE JOB DONE.

Most of the time when I'm attempting to do a workout the boys follow me into the basement as well. Fine by me...except when they want to do the treadmill with me, or "spot" me during my push ups. Ultimately it's a good thing for them to see my husband and I place a value on fitness, not to look a certain way, but to have strength and energy to, well, parent.

One of my blogging goals for the upcoming year is to dedicate the first Friday of every month to a fitness post. I'd love to do tutorials on cardio and strength training and provide brief but effective routines. Is this something you would have interest in reading? Let me know!

'Til then...if anyone happens to see a truck print Pottery Barn Kids lunchbox set on Craigslist...or in a pawn shop...or in a ditch somewhere...let me know.

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