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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Never mind that today is 45 degrees, rainy, windy, and all around horrible. It's been a bea-u-tiful week around here.

The half marathon! It went well! I mean, not time-wise, 'cause it was my slowest race ever, buuuut I felt pretty good running and it was an enjoyable time. I do question the actual distance because my GPS reported 13.9 miles...hmm...

He picked me some weed-flowers while I was being a total post-race couch potato.

My parents treated us to Mother's Day Brunch. This was the best photo of us all. I don't care if you're not going to be looking at the camera, but for Pete's sake, stop adjusting yourself down there.

I thrifted a cuuuute Patagonia pullover for $6. And yeah, I need to clean my room.

Drinking the Golden Goose sneaker kool-aid and it's pretty good.

Turns out I DID get some tulips popping up in the front yard! That my boys just *had* to pick to give to me! Ugggggh.

You know how something looks really nice and pleasant in the moment and then you look back in a photo and realize that it looks like we have 27 chairs strewn about our patio?

Nice weather and flowers and summery stuff aside, I made a new recipe this week! Er, kind of!

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