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Venturing Out


I did something major with the kids this past week.

We went...




We drove around searching for a little park that was empty. I wouldn't say I'm super hyper about COVID, but I do want to follow basic health recommendations, and I also don't want to infringe upon parents who do want to keep themselves and their kids away from others.

It was GLORIOUS to see the kids run and climb. They really haven't been to a playground since last fall!

Even Teddy was tired afterwards.

Aside from the kids getting to be more active, I've been trying to up my fitness game as well. I'm more than three months postpartum and though I've been walking 45 minutes every morning (the dog IS good for motivation there), I need to add back strength training.

The kicker is that I really don't have much time. I know I'm not the only one who feels like that. Whether it's a tight work schedule or family duties, carving out time dedicated to strength training is tough.

After I had the twins, I started implementing a super quick little routine on Monday-Friday. It's time to do that again! I put this together for myself, but why not share? I'm calling it a "micro routine" because it takes 5-10 minutes. Is it a complete full body workout? Nope. Is it good enough? Yup.

Use whatever weights you have handy, but if anything err on the side of using too-light of weights. Weights that are too heavy will cause bad posture, which completely negates any benefit in the first place. I intend to follow this indefinitely. If and when it becomes not as challenging, I can either increase the times I do each exercise, increase my weights, or do different exercises altogether. We will see when that time comes!

A reminder that you do not need a nice home gym set up. Case in point- my bedroom, with my little mirror-licking sidekick!

As always, let me know if you have any questions. Happy (micro) strength training!

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