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Sunday Stuff

Oh hey, look who got dressed up for church this morning!

Of course as soon as we walk through the door back home it's time to change.

It's been awhile since I've done a stuff-I've-bought-that-I-like post, so why not fill up your Sunday afternoon with some stuff. Sidenote- I finally de-oaked our bedroom door. Next step is updating the door knob. Projectsprojectsprojects. 

For starters, I'm loving this criss cross sweatshirt. It's super lightweight and a dupe for a much more expensive version at Athleta. I like this to throw on over my running clothes when we do errands. What a great price point too!

I know I've blogged about this item before, but I swear by Turkish towels. They're lightweight cotton and soak up a lot of water, but also dry so much quicker than regular beach towels. Plus they can double up as a swimsuit cover-up. I always keep one in my car for spontaneous park picnics (yes I'm happy to say that in spite of my deficits as a mom, I *do* that sort of thing with the kids). 

This Supergoop setting spray is a summer must for me. It's SPF 50 and I tend to use it more midday for a refresh on sun protection. Having a spray touch up is so much easier than reapplying goopy sunscreen in front of a mirror. 

I've been using Clarins self tanner drops for years, but got this Isle of Paradise self tanning drops in a Sephora kit and I like it. It's at a slightly lower price point, and it's not just for face. I find that 2 drops mixed with my morning SPF lotion helps tamper down the ghost pale I've got going for me. 

More Supergoop here- SPF 30 lip balm that doesn't have flavor. I get tired of fakey fruity flavors of lip balms, and even though it's acai infused, it's neutral going on. 

This Coola SPF 30 spray is specifically for your scalp. I am not a huge hat girl and so at least a few times each summer I end up getting a burn either on my part or on my hairline. I've tried doing body sunscreen spray but that ends up making my hair so gross and greasy. This stuff has proven to not be greasy at all- which is very important for a girl who washes her hair...once...a...week. Yup. 

As for best body sunscreen, I read some sort of scientific-y article years back where this La Roche Posay was voted by dermatologists to have the most potent anti-sun ingredients. I've been buying it ever since. It rubs in easily, doesn't feel greasy, and isn't chalky. Often times I'll see it on sale on Walgreen's website so I stock up then. 

I've tried three different detangling brushes now and this one from Bathpack is by farrrrrr the best. I don't even need a detangling spray with this one it's *that* good. Perfect for post shower or post swimming. 

I bought these fun Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses on our recent Bahamas vacation. We took a shuttle over to the massive Baha Mar hotel and casino (seriously it's like the poshest Vegas hotel...only on a beach) and while my husband gambled and lost money, I shopped. I mean, if we're both going to lose $50, I at least want something to show for it!

It is cliche to comment about how fast summer is flying by, but it's true! I've already been getting so much use out of these products, and we still fortunately have weeks to go!


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