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Holiday Gift Guide!

Well aren't I feeling cheesy today? Errrrrry blogger out there does gift guides and I'll admit I enjoy looking at such lists! Personally I usually whip up a few meals to freeze and hand out to my family as gifts. Practical? Yes. Exciting? Um, not really. But if you're a giver of STUFF and would like a little insight as to some fun but handy things, here's for you!

Starting at the top left:

I have always, and probably will always, love Mrs. Meyer's dish soap. Their seasonal scents are Iowa Pine and Peppermint- both winners. Washing the dishes is not particularly fun, but getting to smell beautiful scents makes it a bit more enjoyable. If you're feeling thrifty you could always try making your own as well, as I've done in the past- just take unscented dish soap (or hand soap!) and add a few drops of essential oil.

Watkins products are made somewhat locally to me, in southeastern Minnesota, not too far from where I grew up. Please for the love of Pete, if you've been baking with imitation vanilla all these years, STOOOOOOOP and get some pure vanilla extract. Obviously I'm a fan of lots of different extracts, but vanilla is always my most-used.

Kitchen towels are one of those things that you can never have too many- my favorite ones come from Target. I love that they are bigger than your typical towel, so I'm able to dry larger pans and cookie sheets so easily. They're also very absorbent- one towel and I can dry off all the dinner dishes.

This tea got me through my first trimester- I discovered it at church but it's available on Amazon. My husband loves it as well. It doesn't have a typical tea taste- it's a light but pure lemon flavor with no added sweetener. If you're a fan of lemon water, you'll love it.

Reusable straws are trendy now, but for good reason! I have this set and use them daily. I have even taken them traveling too (just rinse them out at a drinking fountain or any sink really). They came in handy when we went to Michigan with the twins- they're not skilled at drinking right from a water bottle, so having a metal straw prevented many spills!

I love my S'well water bottle and I'm so glad I have this 9 oz size. I've had it for years and it's easy to wash and keep clean. I'm not a fan of water bottles with built in straws because they can be so challenging to keep clean (I can't be the only one who's been horrified to discover mold, right?). The smaller size means I can fill it and toss it in my purse without having to tote around what feels like a 20 lb weight. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The handful of times we traveled with an infant it was so nice to have warm water on hand for quick mixing of bottles.

We do a fake tree- always have and probably always will- and this candle is such an easy way to give your house a subtle pine scent. It's not overpowering but definitely noticeable, and it smells very natural. Plus it's another local company to me!

My other go-to candle is this "Winter" scented one from Bath and Body Works. It's not a Christmas-y scent, but somehow it really does smell like winter- kind of a combination of pine and fresh snow. I light this one all through until March- it's the one candle I honestly use up all the way each year.

Ack! I bought this Ugg Duffield throw blanket off Amazon earlier this year for a much cheaper price but can only find it on Nordstrom's website now. You can't go wrong gifting a super plush throw blanket. I probably have 4-5 throw blankets scattered around the house, various brands, but this Ugg one always ends up in my 3 year old's bed. It washes up so well and is the perfect weight- soft and cozy without feeling too heavy.

Other things that I love and recommend but can't take a photo of because they're in my room and a baby is napping and I am not so about this list that I'm about to wake up a sleeping twin:

These Lululemon pants were a splurge, but I had ordered SO many different types of black joggers off Amazon that were disappointing. The Lulu ones have been 100% worth the cost. They're lightweight- not bulky sweatpants material- and so stretchy, yet they don't become baggy and stretched-out. They wash up well and they're flattering. I have to give my leggings a break every now and then, right?

Calling this stuff "candy cane" makes it sound kind of childish, but philosophy's candy cane 3-in-1 shower gel/shampoo/conditioner is something I've been buying for probably 10 years. It's not one bit sweet smelling, but rather it's potently minty and such a refreshing way to get clean in the morning. My husband loves it as well, but my kiddos say it's too minty!

Hopefully this sparks some ideas for your brother/cousin/mother/friend/whooooomever!


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