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Hellooooo, New York!

This story starts back on a snowy night in February. An ice dam had built up on the roof above the kitchen (if you're not from a cold state, look it up- it's not good), and the result was water dripping down from our cabinets.

I was beyond cranky about it as my husband was up on the roof in the dark, chiseling away at the damn dam. Instead of being helpful, I channeled my anger on the internet...and booked a fall getaway to NYC.

Fast forward to this past weekend when the time came- four glorious kid-free days in the city!

A cloudy day touchdown at JFK.

After taking the train into Midtown Manhattan and dropping off our bags at the hotel, our first stop was Jong-Ro for some Korean BBQ.

The waitstaff cooks the food right on your tabletop. Bulgogi and rice noodles for me- spicy pork for my husband.

After a nap to regroup (we had been up since 4 am plus, KID FREE), we headed down to the West Village so I could stalk out the "Friends" apartment. There were at least 20 other nerds getting a photo as well, so I was in good company.

I'd heard of Magnolia Bakery before (because I'm also a SATC nerd) and we really kind of just stumbled upon it. Even on a late afternoon the line was around the block. Their famous banana pudding was 100% worth the wait (and I typically hate banana-flavored stuff). Light and fluffy- I've already bookmarked their recipe.

We made our way to the Upper East Side to see the 8pm comedy show at The Comic Strip, which is where Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Ellen DeGeneres, and a ton of other comedians started out. It was super fun, and I'm very glad we were seated in the middle rather than the front row!

The next morning we toured the new World Trade Center and rode the elevators up to the 100th floor observation deck. It was really neat, but also weird because I vividly remember being 15 years old and visiting the observation deck of the former World Trade Center.

Looking up at the "Oculus"- in the lower level plaza area.

Onto Chinatown! One of our favorite places to be in NYC, in spite of the crowds.

My husband LOVES to wander around different ethnic grocery stores. The sauce aisle is his jam.

Hard pass.

Much anticipated lunch at Xi'an Famous Foods. It's like our culinary Disney World.

We split spicy vegetable noodles, spicy lamb noodle soup, and a pork burger.

GAH, it is SO GOOD.

After some down time at the hotel, we walked from Midtown up to Central Park. I *may* have stopped at SJP's shoe store for a treat.

After walking what felt like 10 miles during the day, we splurged on the Porterhouse for 2 at Keene's Steakhouse. I was so hungry that I didn't get a picture, ha.

On our last full day we made the morning trip down to Battery Park to board the ferry for Ellis Island. The boat first stops at the Statue of Liberty, so we got great views of that and the city behind.

Then- THIS- I had made reservations for afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel. My husband is a good sport because I'll admit- it's not something that a dude would be down for- BUT it was so fun!

Many years ago when we did our first trip to NYC together, they would let visitors inside the hotel lobby and foyer- now it's reserved just for hotel guests and Palm Court patrons. We used that to our advantage and hung out for awhile.

Nothing says "classy" like taking a bathroom selfie, ha!

We walked back down to our hotel via Times Square just to verify that it's still awful and crowded and touristy, haha.

By evening we were tired from having walked another 17 miles (kidding, I think), so we ordered delivery pizza to our hotel room and flipped between HGTV and the Lions game.

I love married vacationing.

The next morning it was time to take the train and bus to LaGuardia. Logic says we needed to come home and, you know, resume taking care of our kids.

Another fantastic trip to one of our places. 'Til next time, NYC!


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