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Friday Fluff

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It's Friday night and allllllll I can think about is how tomorrow I'm getting my hair highlighted.

It's been exactly one year.

I get to sit in a myself...for 90 minutes...and just zone out.


I decorated for spring. I'm proud of the li'l floral arrangement thingies in the sconces- Dollar Tree, baby! And yes, I'm like every other girl out there with the blush pink accents.

When the babies wear their tracksuits, I refer to them as Marilyn and Gladys, as in, "Gladys, pull yourself together! We haven't lost the shuffleboard match yet."

One thing I've started doing again is my daily protein shake. With increased exercise comes increased appetite, so I make a shake and split it between mid morning and late afternoon. My former coworker turned me on to Premier Protein caramel flavor. ITISSOGOOD. The only thing is that I find it to be way too sweet. The solution? I add half the container to my bottle, fill the rest with either coffee or unsweetened almond milk, plus half a scoop of my unflavored BiPro. Winner winner, I don't overeat at dinner.

They come in packs of four and can be found at Target or Wal Mart for about $7. Highly recommended!

Off to bed now- Marilyn and Gladys tend to be early birds. Fitting, huh?


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