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Officially Summer

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Okay so not reeeeally officially summer because that's technicaaaaaally June 21st, but BRING IT ON.

We had a great Memorial weekend. Kicked it off with a schlep to Fleet Farm to get a billion bags of mulch and annuals to plant.

Every year I vow to just get the pre-made planters that are so pretty and chock full of blooms, but then without fail also every year I think Heck no, I'm not spending $30 per planter! I'll do my own! And then I proceed to spend $28  per planter plus hours of manual labor.

Then after the kids went to bed, we opened up the ol' firepit. And bottle of wine. And popcorn...with chocolate chips.

Saturday was filled with playing vehicles outside and a nature walk.

On Sunday we headed out to the lake for some family time and fishing.

If you don't eat some sort of red white and blue dessert, are you even an American?

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