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Which corner might spring be around?


I feel like I've had a lazy start to the new year.

I've finally started watching "You." A creepy maybe-killer Dan Humphrey? I'm into it. And dark chocolate chips balanced on the bump.

He said he needed some mama snuggles after he fell and hit his chin on the potty.

I can't make this up.

At least I can confidently say that 100% of the Christmas decor is back in storage. I'm digging my winter theme mantel.

If you can't tell by previous posts, I am a major resolutions-type gal. I don't take on anything too challenging or restrictive (like I am not a fan of "I will track my food intake EVER DAY" or "I will exercise without fail FIVE DAYS A WEEK" type stuff). Rather I've been thinking of general ways I can continue to mold myself.

One thing has come to mind- be less wasteful/more mindful with food and beverage packaging. Maybe it's hopping on the bandwagon (but shouldn't we all be on this bandwagon really?), but I want to be more mindful about choosing the lesser-waste options. Case in point- our church has a coffee bar, and so every Sunday since getting pregnant again I've been treating myself to a decaf coffee. Pour coffee in the cup provided, open up an individually packaged French vanilla creamer, add in half a packet of stevia, top with a disposable plastic lid. I enjoy my coffee during the service, then I throw it in the garbage when I'm done. DUH. My husband has no fewer than 3 reusable coffee mugs- how has it never occurred to me until today to bring my own mug? Additionally instead of the individual creamer, I could just use the plain industrial size pump-your-own creamer they also have. A simple change, really.

I've never been a huge toddler pouch-snack fan, mostly because all four kids could easily plow through several a day as snacks. But when I think about how the food gets sucked down in 10 seconds, then plastic lid and foil pouch just get thrown away? Nope. I'm going to try to buy snacks that come in recyclable containers, like the jumbo size applesauce instead. Sure it'll mean I have to take the extra step of scooping it into bowls for the kids, but ultimately it's another easy change to make.

I'm intrigued by using beeswax to keep food fresh instead of plastic wrap. It's washable and reusable. I've ordered this one from Amazon but it hasn't arrived yet. I do cringe whenever I (frequently!) tear off yet another sheet of plastic wrap to cover someone's half eaten cheese stick for later, or keep a lunchbox sandwich fresh.

Any helpful tips that go along with this resolution that should be shared? Any other types of resolutions on your mind? Let me know!


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