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What's cookin'?

How is it Friday afternoon already?

This week has gone by quickly, but this weekend will feel long- it's just the twins and me, as my husband took our boys camping.

Today I took advantage of some relative quiet time and worked in the garden.

Oops. I guess I've been neglecting to pick beans at the bottom of the bean tower. These are way too big (and tough) to cook, so I'll just let them dry out and use them as seeds for next year.

The dog has been stealing my grape tomatoes. The garden really is a free for all for evvvvveryone I guess.

I dug out the frozen cherries from our tree and the wildberries we picked last month and made a fruit crisp. What a no-fail dessert treat!

As far as life in the kitchen, I did make a new recipe this past week- I got this from my latest Real Simple, and it was a definite winner. This shrimp and chorizo stew is an awesome way to use up garden tomatoes and basil. My husband said it tasted like something you'd get at a restaurant. I served my own portion over baby spinach.

Here are some additional recipes I've found over the past few weeks that are on the horizon.

I like to use whole grain sandwich thins, or even lettuce, instead of traditional buns.

I'll likely skip the bacon as I love sweet potatoes as-is. I'm betting this could be made in a grill pan too if it's too hot to have your oven on inside.

This recipe is super intriguing- I've never heard of making a pesto out of zucchini! I'll use whole wheat thin spaghetti instead of regular. I'm guessing my kids will gobble this up.

I love this idea, but in reality I'm too lazy to make individual "raviolis"- I'll instead try making this into more of a lasagna. I will add some cooked lean ground beef as well to make it a bit more hearty.

Hope this gives you some ideas of what to make in the coming weeks!

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