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Shopping for bread: Aldi Edition

I'm going to propose something RADICAL here.

We need... a hot minute between the end of Thanksgiving season and the beginning of Christmas season.

We had a great quiet Thanksgiving at home.

Sabrina helped me make the pumpkin pecan crunch pie.

We got ourselves halfway presentable.

My husband roasted the turkey on the grill.

And we had a great meal.

But now? I feel like I *should* have all my Christmas decor up, but instead the kids have made the living room into Pillowfest 2020.


In more productive news, I ventured to Aldi today to stock up on a few of my go-to items. I noticed that they suddenly (or maybe not-so-suddenly as I don't get there too often) have SO many different types of healthy looking breads.

Bread is something I would often get asked about, as most of my patients wanted to choose the healthiest option, but reading labels can be tricky.

I thought it would be worthwhile to do a comparison and explain which ones I'd recommend vs which ones you might opt to skip.

In no particular order, we have:

I get that high protein/low carbohydrate is the trend, however protein added to bread? Ehhh, not a fan, and to be honest I've bought this before out of curiosity and no one (including me) liked the taste.

Since all of these breads are made with whole grains, the fiber content doesn't vary much.

I am not a fan of a single slice of bread containing 100+ calories. Think of it- most of the time bread is just a vehicle for other stuff! We top it with peanut butter or avocado and egg, or use it in sandwich form for tuna or meat. For that reason I tend to prefer lower calorie bread, like the Seriously Seeded, KYSO, and 100% Whole Wheat.

With everything considered, including the $1.69 price, my top pick is the basic narrow-loaf 100% whole wheat bread. Yes! Plain basic 100% whole wheat is totally fine to buy! I do like to mix it up and have the KYSO with some almond butter as an occasional snack, but for everyday purposes (and LOTS of peanut butter sandwiches), the plain whole wheat is a winner.

Have any questions about breads you've seen at your grocery stores? Feel free to send me a message.

Until then, I'll be attempting holiday decorating.

Fa-la-la-la-wishful thinking!

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