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Sure, there are tons of things I could complain about given the recent state of everything-in-the-world-is-falling-apart, BUT, I need to keep things in perspective:

-I get to be a stay at home mom and not have to worry about balancing working from home AND childcare

-This could've all happened in the dead of winter, preventing much outdoor time

-Netflix exists

Still, being 35 weeks pregnant and taking care of four kids is no joke.

Blurry photos of the three younger ones fighting over who gets to put the dishwasher pod in the dishwasher.


I posted a video to Instagram the other day basically saying how in these times we should just aim to do the best we can do when it comes to nutrition. The items available in grocery stores right now are hit or miss (I can't believe my Wal Mart is completely out of ALL frozen fruit!). Here is my list of basic foods I try to keep on hand.

Here are some simple meals you could potentially make using the above:

Italian pasta: Pasta + diced tomatoes + frozen spinach/other veggies+ Italian seasoning

Yogurt shake: Plain Greek yogurt + frozen fruit + water or milk to thin

Chili baked potato: Baked russet potato + chili beans + plain Greek yogurt

Bean burrito: Whole wheat tortilla + black beans + cheese (optional)

PB oatmeal: Cooked dry oats + peanut butter + pinch of sugar to sweeten

Breakfast burrito: Whole wheat tortilla + scrambled eggs + black beans

Burger bowl: Cooked veggie burger crumbled over cooked brown rice + squirt of ketchup and mustard

Frittata: Eggs cooked in a skillet with chopped frozen veggies

Quinoa hotdish: Cooked quinoa or rice with canned chicken and frozen veggies

Broccoli baked potato: Baked russet potato + frozen broccoli + canned chicken

Are any of these the most high-end fancy-pants meals? NNNNNNNNOPE. But it's food, and high nutrient food at that. Keep on doing the best you can do in these weird times!


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