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Big birthday bash

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Our big birthday week is almost over- one more birthday to go (tomorrow), but we celebrated errrryone last night and it was so much fun.

Too bad I HARDLY. EVEN. REMEMBER. them being this tiny and sweet and snuggly and ohhhh maybe we should do just one more eensy round of fresh IVF?!

I made two cakes- a strawberry ombre cake for the girlies, and as requested by the boys, a rainbow cake.

I'm at an age now where all my jewelry needs to mean something.

Two blue stones, two pink stones, and a four leaf clover.

My fave earrings are tiny 4s as well- four kids, all April birthdays, plus my own birthday is 4/4. Can you guess what I'd say my lucky number is?

We gave the babies their first (tiny) slices of cake. As expected, they did not hate it.

That look when you see your sister has more cake yet on her tray.

Happy birthday, kiddos! This ain't happening for another year, so hope ya liked everything.

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