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Life lately

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I might be an Instagram creeper.

Like, I enjoy looking at people's Instastories. How they spend their day, what they eat, what they wear, etc.

I think it's 'cause I don't really have much adult interaction during my day anymore so I need a fill of peoplez on the internetz.

In the spirit of sharing *my* stay at home life, here's a sample of how our day goes.

I'm lucky to be able to sleep in until 7am. I don't set an alarm- 7 am is "Annika O'Clock." I'll bring her into my room while I catch up on email and do my morning exercises (yep, still doing my 10 minute routine).

She managed to take this selfie on my phone, LOL. LOOK into my EYESSSSSS.

Sabrina and the boys wake around 7:30 and we have breakfast. Lately the boys have been requesting oatmeal with blueberries. After we eat, they watch some PBS Kids and I'm left with...a mess. It's a massive scramble to get everyone dressed, get preschool lunch packed, and...I guess that's it, but man, it seems like a lot of work at the time.

After preschool drop off for my oldest, the babies will start morning naps around 9:30. I then make myself a tea and get to cleaning.

We got a dusting of snow the night prior so I decided to go out and quickly shovel while the babies slept. Of course Fred insisted on going out with me, even though I tried to convey that 5 degree temperature is too cold for a kid ("It's cold...that your face might freeze off").

I'm ready to: A. Rob a bank B. Shovel the driveway C. Look SUPER SMOKIN' D. All of the above

I thrifted these down-filled North Face boots earlier this season. One of my best finds!

Fred's treat was a cup of hot cocoa.

I have an eBay side hustle going on and my dining room table is filled with stuff to list and ship, so I'll work on that a bit. 

Lunch is almost always leftovers from the night prior. Babies get Cheerios and today, tofu. Mmmm.

The boys got a Melissa and Doug stamping kit for Christmas and we broke that out yesterday. He promptly stamped black ink all over the orange ink pad. Ugggggg. 

The babies will go down for afternoon naps around 1 and hopefully sleep 'til 3. I use this chunk of time to play with Fred (Duplos and train tracks are his fave right now) and prep dinner. Then it's time for preschool pickup and a nice nap-drive hybrid for the boys. Sidenote: the girls are major troopers for being okay with this.

Snack time for all when we get home. Have you ever tried Quaker Corn Squares? I LOVED them as a kid and they still make them! Only SuperTarget is the sole store that I've seen stock them. My boys eat it up too, dry, so it makes for an easy snack.

Spiderman mask, Superman costume, and I know better than to question him.

Around 5 pm I'll have dinner in the oven, or prepped to the point where it'll come together in minutes, so I'll head to the basement and get in a 20-30 minute workout. I put the babies in their exersaucers and they're content enough. The boys make a mess, but eh, by this time in the day, it doesn't faze me. 

My husband gets home around 5:30 and we eat dinner by 6. Lately we have the babies eating a version of what we eat- so nice to not have to spoon them baby food! Tonight's dinner was a hotdish of brown rice, spinach, and ground sausage. Fortunately we do not have a pants requirement for meal service.

The rest of the night consists of baths and playtime before getting everyone jammied around 7:30. 

Kids are all down by 8, and my husband and I will sneak in a half hour of TV (Is Ozark worth continuing? We are two episodes deep). I'll shower quickly and we are in bed by 9 to read, putz on the internet, or sleep. 

I feel like my days are super hectic yet lazy at the same time. I don't accomplish much besides picking up the messes that get made, doing laundry, and cooking. Fortunately I am a total homebody and I love to be able to spend time with all the kids!

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