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In with the new year

All these decade-in-review posts I'm seeing on Instagram and Facebook have got me thinking...thinking that I'm way too lazy to go back through 10 years of photos and post the highlights.


BUT I will mention that the past decade has no doubt brought the biggest life changes. I started my nutrition career, started this blog, met and married my husband, and popped out four babies. I can promise that the next decade won't bring *those* types of changes!

I can barely recap the past holiday week. I brought Allie's red velvet cake to Christmas Eve dinner at my brother in law's and it was SO good. I also brought vegetables too, lest I be judged.

Cake decorating hack: I always buy fake flowers to just shove in the top instead of piping. So easy!

Christmas morning was spent opening presents and regretting the "make your own slime" kit I bought.

Fun fact- you can buy "retro" editions of board games on Amazon. I got to teach Mac and Fred how to play "Guess Who?"

The rest of the week and this week have been the usual haze of taking care of four kids while trying to get into a fitness routine. I don't want to be all let's-just-wait-til-the-new-year- I want to have half established a habit. Morning decaf mocha protein shakes have helped.

Guess which babies are NOT helping me with my daily workout goals?

Don't let this sweet sissy hug fool you. They will destroy everything in their sights the moment they can.

So yes. Life changes. I'm all for it. My only real goal for 2020 is to keep on keepin' on. I'm looking forward to having this baby in April and seeing his parents take him home (er, I haven't explicitly mentioned on here that I'm a gestational carrier- 100% not my baby, but I'm carrying it for another couple). I'm excited for my kids to turn 2, 4, and 6. Those are the ages where kids start magically doing all their chores and they no longer whine or cause any grief whatsoever, right?!

I'm looking forward to another year involved in nutrition- blogging, recipe testing, and hopefully expanding into personal counseling (hint hint- it's on my "Services" page!).

How about you? Are you a goal setter? Or a see-what-happens kind of person? 2020 has a lot of possibility!

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