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Here's a blast from your past- remember TV trays?!

We had these exact kind growing up- a set of four that we happily busted out to eat our Kid Cuisine frozen meals in front of "Ghostwriter" every Sunday night.

My husband and I joke about how when we were first married, prior to kids, we would routinely eat dinner in front of the TV. Watching "The Office" never gets old!

This isn't exactly a great habit though, and as a dietitian, I strongly discourage it. Why?

Research shows that people are significantly less likely to be aware of their portions when they are in front of the TV or playing a video game. The specific study linked found that 25% of meals were eaten in front of the screen. When we are distracted, we're less likely to pay attention to what goes in our mouths and when we've hit our satisfaction point.

It may sound simple, but eating at the dinner table with either peace and quiet, or pleasant conversation, can be a great starting point for sticking with healthy habits. I've had several clients admit that their kitchen table has become a dumping ground for mail, papers, and other clutter, rather than be a place to eat. Some of my patients hadn't eaten at their kitchen table in years!

If you're one of those who would rather settle into the couch, I challenge you to move to a table and take a break from the screen. A healthy way of life is a collection of mini habits- this being one!

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