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How much do we really need to walk?

Every now and then I try to do a photo session with the babies. I don't want the cliche of hardly-any-pictures-of-the-youngest to take hold.

Nailed it.

And by nailed it, I mean, I gave up.


I whittled my athletic shoe collection down ever so slightly.

I am not shy about my love for sneakers. I have certain sneakers designated for only indoors- if I'm having a busy day cleaning or playing with the kids inside, my feet feel SO much better at the end of the day if I've been wearing comfy shoes. I also find that having great sneakers makes me want to be more active. 

So much of the time we view physical activity or exercise as a means of looking a certain way. Would you believe that study after study after study confirms that exercise has the power to decrease anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder? The current physical activity guidelines advise at least 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week to promote mental and physical health. 

Those recommendations may seem daunting, but keep in mind it does not have to be one 30 minute chunk. I've had several patients have success with breaking it into 3 10-minute increments. This could look like a mid-morning dance party with your kids, a vigorous cleaning spree in the afternoon, and a brisk walk around the block post-dinner. 

That's not to say that exercise is going to cure mental health issues, but it should be one component of treatment. 

Let's reflect- what are some of your favorite ways to be active? How do you generally feel about yourself after you've completed physical activity? 

Getting out- or in- to move should be a regular part of your lifestyle. It doesn't hurt to have fun and comfy shoes to wear either!


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