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Fun on the Fourth

I kinda dig it when the Fourth falls on the weekend. It's like we get two days of celebrating and taking it easy. We started off by going to my in-laws' for some lake time.

The boys and I had a successful first attempt at making tie-dye shirts (and a matching one for their Grandma too!)

My brother in law's dog Meeka wanted her photo taken too.

Enjoying their suckers in the kiddie pool. Only at Grandma's!

That triple berry pie? GOOD.

The next morning we headed up to my parents' cabin for the day. It's not too often that we get back-to-back sunny 90-degree days, much less on a weekend.

When you play so hard that your life jacket's back label transfers onto your skin!

I brought ingredients to make sheet pan nachos for the fam. It's an easy meal to make for a crowd. This quesadilla cheese is a MUST- it melts so well and is so buttery.

Nothing says "American!" like...nachos?

Last week I posted pics of fruit and yogurt popsicles I had made in anticipation of the fourth. Let's talk more about popsicles, mmk?

My kids have never-ending appetites and with it being so stinkin' hot around here, I'm all for offering popsicles. I buy my fair share of store-bought ones, but I'm also a big fan of making my own. My boys get into the process of choosing flavors. Usually I'll use plain yogurt and blend up fruit (with an immersion blender or just a fork) to flavor it up. I've also taken plain ol' watermelon and mashed it up into popsicle molds. Another favorite is to take lemonade or juice (you could opt for sugar free) and add fruit puree. Blackberry and strawberry lemonade are excellent. I've also been mega lazy and just made them out of chocolate almond milk.

When it comes to the molds, I've tried them alllllllll. It's always tempting to go with the cheapest available (like the ones pictured above), but if your kids are old enough to get the concept, silicone squeeze ones are the way to go. No unmolding necessary!

Here are some good choices for silicone popsicle molds:

This article from Country Living makes me want to try ALL THE POPSICLES.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and are inspired to make some DIY pops!


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