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Fitness Friday/Sad Day

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I've mentioned this before, but our "home gym" is nothing to brag about. It's literally a treadmill, TRX straps, four sets of hand weights, a yoga mat, and a 15 year old TV, living in harmony among cinderblock walls and old paint cans and roofing shingles.

This relic of a Toshiba TV- note the built in VHS AND DVD players- has been a champ for me. I got this bad boy sophomore year of college. It's seen everything from the first season of "24" to "Laguna Beach" (yah I know) to...Jackie Warner!

This is my all-time favorite workout DVD. I know it's pretty old school to do workout DVDs, but I will allllllways do better with someone else telling me what to do, rather than me making up my own seen here...

Too bad the build in DVD player died this week. Whaaaah. Now we are on the hunt for a free, or cheap at least, DVD player that we can externally plug in. First world problems.

Why am I into workout DVDs? Like I mentioned- someone else leading is a major way that I can stay focused. It's time consuming (ok like maybe 2-3 minutes) to write down my own workout. When I do my own thing, I always end up cheating myself out of finishing reps, or not doing enough reps at all. It's also more motivating to watch someone! Having an instructor- whether in real life or on the screen- count you down helps me push myself to finish a certain exercise.

Another big perk of having an instructor is that form tends to stay better. If I am watching someone exercise, I can better check myself- how low am I really going on my push ups? Am I pushing my knee too far forward during lunges? A good instructor will remind you to check your form.

DVDs are fairly cheap. I'm always one to buy used off Amazon. There are tons of options on YouTube as well, and if you have Comcast fancy cable stuff (I can't keep track of what it's called now- I for sure don't pay for that) there are entire channels devoted to workout programs.

Now that I'm not following a half marathon training plan, my goal is to run 3 times a week at least 3 miles each run, and do 1-2 days of strength training. That's when I do the DVD, or for now, my own thing.

So...anyone have a DVD player they don't need? Clearly I don't discriminate against age!


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