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First Friday Fitness

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

If March truly comes in like a lion, out like a lamb, I'll be a happy girl.

(Sheesh, she's still griping about Minnesota?!)

Another 3-6 inches coming today. On the upside, my husband will be able to finish his igloo he's making for the boys.

In fitness-related content, I diiiiiiid sign up for a May half marathon and I haaaaaave been training for it for two weeks now.

Cuuuuuute thrifted leopard Nike Free Runs.

I did my first half marathon when I was 23. I can't remember why I ever signed up for it. I'd never before done any race longer than a 5k (3.1 miles). I was single and in grad school and had the time and energy for it I guess.

I do enjoy training and doing halfs (or halves?). It's manageable, unlike a full marathon, where you need to devote up to 4 hours on a weekend day for your long run.

Plus this mama don't have too much to prove anymore. As far as marathons go, been there, done those (4), no need to do any more.

My go to recommendation for training plans is Hal Higdon. Why do you need a training plan? I find that even though I'm really type-A, I need someone telling me exactly what I should be doing on a given day. If not, I know I'd slack off and do too many short runs without building up the proper distance. Hal's website has training plans for every race and every level- novice, walker, advanced, etc. I always pick the novice programs and sometimes if I'm feeling particularly good on a run, I'll extend the distance or up the speed myself.

Have you ever done any sort of race? If not, this is your year! A race can sound intimidating, and feel intimidating at that start line, but it's SO NOT. Walkers and runners are the nicest people around- truly! You'll be encouraged and cheered on by hundreds of friendly faces, both in the race and on the sidelines.

Plus you know what? I always remind my patients- everyone gets the same t shirt no matter first place or last place.

I'll keep that in mind on my snowy long run tomorrow.


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