• Lindsey, EDRD

I curse you nature.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I remember it well-

Last fall, I got the last of the clearanced-out daffodil and tulip bulbs at our local greenhouse. A total of 30 bulbs. I spent a chilly but sunny afternoon diligently digging in our front landscaping. I even put some in our front planters and covered them with mesh to prevent animals from scarfing them up.

Two nights later we got our first frost. I was pleased with myself for putting in the work that would SURELY lead to a beautiful scene come spring.

Umm, I'm still waiting.

And I'm beginning to think that the bulbs were dug up by squirrels? Rabbits? Deer?

It is maddening. It is frustrating. My only consolation is hoping that somewhere out there is a herd of deer with bouquets of daffodils popping out of their buttholes VERY UNCOMFORTABLY.

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